Little Cities VR game

A cozy VR city creation game

Out on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest and PICO headsets, Little Cities is made with love by Purple Yonder and presented by nDreams.

Little Cities: Bigger! for PlayStation VR2 features over a year’s worth of updates previously released on Quest, including Sandbox, Attractions and Little Citizens, alongside the Snowy Islands DLC. You can also look forward to charming visuals in 4K, a 120hz refresh rate, immersive haptic feedback, and eye-tracking.

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Little Cities

Put on your headset and escape to the charming world of Little Cities, the cozy VR city creation game. Create your own little city and lean in to watch it come to life. See residents move in and populate your islands. Design the layout, strategically plot amenities, and make a perfect city where your citizens love to live. Easy to pick up and play but with lots to discover, Little Cities makes your biggest creations possible!


About Purple Yonder

Little Cities is the debut game of UK indie developer Purple Yonder. Purple Yonder was founded by husband and wife duo-James and Kelly. They are joined by a small team of game industry experts who have worked across multiple top VR titles.

“Bringing Little Cities to PS VR2 is a huge accomplishment for us and we can’t wait for the game to be in the hands of new city creators! Being able to expand the Little Cities community and share so much lovingly crafted content is a privilege, and we can’t wait to see what PS VR2 players create.”

James Howard - Purple Yonder


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